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North Africa

Let yourself be drawn in by the rustic charm which characterises Northern Africa.

Absorb the history of ancient Egyptian civilisation, stare in wonder at the buildings and monuments they somehow managed to construct and float down the Nile – the lifeblood of this land – taking it all in from a different perspective.

Test your haggling skills in Morocco with the merchants among the cool narrow streets of the medina in Marrakech, trek out into the Atlas mountains for wild views and Berber culture or venture further afield to the picturesque blue and white town of Essaouira with its colourful souks and endless fine seafood.

As for Tunisia, the somewhat unknown smallest member of the Magreb, this country still manages to retain its own sense of identity. The cosmopolitan city of Tunis, the markets of Monastir, numerous ports dotted along the coast and the fishing industry all bustle. But the vast and beautiful emptiness of the desert is never far away.