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Southern + East Africa

Big skies twinkling with stars, endless plains dotted with acacias, vast deserts with shifting dunes, lush rainforests running across peaks and valleys, inexplicably beautiful red tinged sunsets, pristine beaches touched by azure waters and amongst all of these extremes a variety of wildlife which is just mind boggling. What’s not to love about Africa?

At the heart of the continent shy leopards laze in sausage trees, on its fringes hippos can sometimes even be seen, and amongst the waves on the coast and offshore immense humpback whales migrate round Cape Point.

From the rare mountain gorillas, our closest living relatives, in the highlands of Uganda to the seemingly endless numbers of wildebeest on the immense plains of the Serengeti, Africa is just teeming with wildlife.

Take in modern city life in Cape Town, the ancient traditions of Masai warriors in Kenya and the wide smiles of seemingly everyone in Malawi.

Africa – the great continent of contrasts.