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Laterallife is the only travel company that specialises in designing and delivering 100% tailor-made sabbatical holidays. We have detailed knowledge of over 60 countries throughout Africa, North & South America, Asia and Australasia and would be delighted to meet with you to plan your sabbatical.

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Sabbatical holidays have become increasingly popular amongst professional executives and small groups of friends and families who have the opportunity to enjoy a travel career break; a chance to see the world when on gardening leave or a first long break after retirement.

Our fundamental philosophy is that each tailor-made sabbatical and holiday is unique and planned with unrivalled attention to detail. We have planned trips which are extremely diverse and range in duration from 3 weeks to 13 months. Our youngest traveller was six months old and the oldest in his seventies. Destinations cover all corners of the globe, from a road trip down the remote Gibb River Road in Australia, to floating down rivers in Costa Rica, tracking wild black Rhino in Namibia and relaxing on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.

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We believe in meeting every potential traveller before undertaking any travel sabbatical or adult gap year brief. We will come to see you at your office or home at a time to suit you to discuss your plans. While you are away, we are always on hand to tweak your trip and are constantly available, if and when required.

We are proud to have become one of the preferred tailor-made sabbatical holiday specialists within the legal profession for those seeking their once-in-a-life-time personalised travel experience. We have arranged sabbaticals for partners in over 50% of the top 25 Law Firms and all of the Magic Circle.

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It takes that extra bit of time to do more than scratch the surface of a destination, and it is often a slightly longer trip, such as a sabbatical, which affords this. However, you need it expertly handled to use that time well and make sure you don’t waste a single day.

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