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Issue 1 / February 2012

Greetings from the laterallife travel hub in Islington!!

After much consideration and to make life easier for you all, we have changed the style of our e Newsletters, thus no more Nick M. travel witter, not to mention the awful mug shots!! Each month we will select a few trips that we believe may be popular, highlighting the best times to travel and giving you enough time to plan ahead for the busy times of summer, half term breaks and Christmas. These will be linked to the relevant page at laterallife.com and onto a trip example to whet the travel appetite. And, importantly we at laterallife will have first-hand experience of all the places we are recommending.

Laterally yours,

Kwa Zulu Natal

DONE the Cape? – Try Kwa Zulu Natal … South Africa. This undiscovered corner of South Africa is truly a gem and a perfect place for families or couples. It has every thing you might expect from South Africa —- and then some. Beaches, Whale watching (end May/June/Sept/Oct), turtle egg laying (Nov-March), fishing, wetland boating, scuba diving, snorkelling and golf!! Then there is the wonderful Zulu battlefield history at Rorke’s Drift and for the energetic spectacular walking in the Drakensberg mountains. Being South Africa, last but not least game filled big five safari parks with no malaria!!
When to go – Year Round

Ecuador & Galapagos

Discover the infinite array of wildlife on land and at sea, marveling at the endemic species that exist in this tiny volcanic archipelago, and begin to understand how Darwin devised his thesis on evolution. Contrast your Galapagos experience with the volcano valley, Amazon basin and historic colonial cities. 
When to go – Year Round

Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Costa Rica is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise where as lesser-known Nicaragua is a destination hotspot for families looking to mix nature and landscape with colonial towns and multi-ethnic cultures. There are endless activities on offer; hiking, biking, canopy ziplining, snorkelling, horse riding and rafting.
When to go – December – September


Travel beyond Bali’s beaches and the spiritual heartland of Ubud and witness a lesser-known side to the 17,500 islands that form Indonesia. Orangutans in Borneo, Dragons in Komodo, Diving on Moyo and ancient tribal cultures on Sumba; the opportunities to explore and discover are endless.
When to go – Apr – Nov

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