Discovering the Quirimbas Archipelago 

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Issue 11 / March 2013

Greetings All!

I was fortunate to visit Lugenda River Camp and the Islands described below last November. These are but a few of the 32 odd islands known collectively as the Quirimbas Archipelago. Hard to get to yes but certainly the rewards once you arrive far outweigh the costs and miles travelled. A flight to Jo’burg, a 2 and a half hour flight North to Pemba and a 25 minute light aircraft flight will see you sitting at the bar on Medjumbe Island as illustrated above! A visit to these islands can be combined with a 3 to 7 day private Dhow Safari – a magical experience for those with a sense of adventure. Best times to visit are June- January.

Let’s hope winter ends soon!

Laterally yours,

Lugenda River Camp

This small beautifully run camp is not for the first time safari experience. It is situated in northern Mozambique just south of the Tanzanian Border, 400 kms west of the coast, in really wild untamed terrain on the banks of the Lugenda River. The camp offers stunning accommodation in 5 star luxury tents, magnificent food, challenging days on safari seeing four of the Big 5 (no Rhino’s sadly), all adds up to a very lateral out-back experience. The camp is an ideal way to start a trip to the Quirimbas Archipelago.

Medjumbe Island

This remote 12 villa island paradise is really for those wanting to kick back and relax! Fabulous scuba diving and fishing on the reefs, private island picnics, turquoise lagoon waters – it is really a tropical island paradise.

Its airstrip, 25 minutes by charter from Pemba, is a 45 second walk from the bar pictured above! Comfortable air conditioned villas with private plunge pools and superb a la carte dining, all compliment the extreme experience.

Matemo Island

This is a much larger island than Medjumbe, 20 minutes by charter south. Its 24 air conditioned villas stretch along 2 sides of one corner of the island. All are right on the beach, seconds away from the azure waters of the sheltered sandy bays.

Matemo is perfect for a family holiday with buffet style dining, large pool and plenty of water sports to keep the restless entertained.


Ibo Island Lodge

Just a one hour boat trip from Matemo or a 10 minute hop on the local plane and you arrive at Ibo Island. This old colonial town was a hive of trading activity 100 years ago. Initially founded by the Portuguese, it slowly fell into ruin as motorised ships replaced the trusty Dhows.

Ibo Lodge has been beautifully restored and is certainly THE place to stay. This is where you can start your Dhow Safari trip.



This 9 villa island is some 30 minutes by speedboat from Ibo Island in the southern Quirimbas Archipelago. Stunning chic villas are dotted around this magnificently run resort with a superb dive, fishing and snorkelling centre.

The pool bar could not be better situated for sunset drinks before dinner is served on the beach at your personal table under the stars, a real treat to those fortunate enough to visit.

Sabbatical News

The summer months have seen a surge in family sabbatical travel, and the combinations of countries and continents prove to be more and more exciting. If you are planning an extended break this summer, please do contact us soon to initiate some ideas and as always we would be delighted to meet up with you over a drink or lunch to assist with planning your time away.


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