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Sabbaticals – Because I’ve always wanted to…

Sabbaticals have become increasingly popular amongst professional executives and small groups of friends and families who have the opportunity to enjoy a career break; a chance to see the world when on gardening leave or a first long break after retirement. laterallife is the only travel company that specialises in designing and delivering 100% tailor-made sabbaticals. We have detailed knowledge of over 60 countries throughout Africa, North & South America, Asia and Australasia and would be delighted to meet with you to plan your sabbatical.

We have designed sabbaticals for lawyers in many of the top global law firms including all of the Magic Circle. In addition we have planned yearlong sabbaticals for young families from the advertising and financial industries as well as couples entering their retirement from the civil service and medical worlds. We therefore understand the need to offer a bespoke and personal service to discerning travellers from planning your time away to support whilst you are abroad.

Our fundamental philosophy is that each sabbatical and holiday is unique and planned with unrivalled attention to detail including face to face meetings and one-on-one follow up throughout the trip. The trips we have arranged are extremely diverse and range in duration from 3 weeks to 13 months. Our youngest traveller was 6 months old and the oldest in his seventies. Destinations cover all corners of the globe, from a road trip down the remote Gibb River Road in Australia, to floating down rivers in Costa Rica, tracking wild black rhino in Namibia and relaxing on the beaches of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. We have combined continents with an Asia meets the Americas sabbatical (stopping over in Sydney and Santiago) and included volunteer and community projects in Nicaragua, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Many of the trips we have crafted include extensive overland travel and we manage all border crossings with our black book of local contacts to support you at each step of your journey. Our network of local guides and drivers has been tried and tested over many years to ensure a seamless travel experience. Should changes be required while you are away we remain just a phone call or email away.

Your Questions Answered

How expensive is it?

Initial inspiration from laterallife is free. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation at your home or office. We would be delighted to design a bespoke journey to match your brief and budget.

Could I plan this myself?

Sabbatical travel is complicated and with the opportunity to take a once-in-a-life-time trip there are many things to consider beyond the hotels and information you find online. In
fact, many of the travel experiences we provide are simply not available to book online. When away for months you do not want to move from one generic hotel to another. You will want variety and contrast between each location and a mix of activities to keep all the family interested and inspired. In addition, passionate local guides who go beyond the standard city tour, drivers who do not terrify you and vehicles that are well maintained and comfortable for the terrain on which you are travelling. Furthermore, you may enjoy contact with local people who invite you into their homes and workshops, while staying at historic haciendas that we have personally vetted. In short, insight and experiences that go beyond the internet offerings.

Why is laterallife different?

Piecing weeks or months of travel together is complex. There are flight schedules to consider, departure days of expedition boats, remote lodges and hidden retreats. You will want a familiar meal from time to time but also you will enjoy a hole-in-the-wall delicacy that has been a family business for generations as well as dinners in private settings which again will prove truly memorable and simply cannot be booked on the internet. Juggling even two country combinations let alone three continent combinations takes specialised knowledge with expert in-country partners who are tried and tested and understand the needs of discerning travellers. This is just the start of the laterallife difference.

But isn’t the internet cheaper?

Our research tells us that our wholesale prices can be 40% cheaper than the best rate posted to consumers on the website. Our in-country partners, due to their local knowledge, connections and bulk buying power can acquire rooms at rates which are simply not available to the general public.

What happens if things go wrong whilst we are away?

Of course flights can get cancelled and there can be local difficulties whilst you are away. If this happens we will inform you and put appropriate plans in place to change your itinerary mid-trip at minimal extra cost and where possible obtain refunds for you. The internet does not have a ‘correct the day’ button with 24 hour access to solve any problem that may arise.

Why can’t I just use my local travel agent?

Your local travel agent will sell you a holiday package off the shelf. By meeting you in person we gather information to understand your own unique interests and family requirements and then build a trip around your preferences. There are no charges however many times we meet prior to you deciding to book with us. For us, a successful trip cannot be planned over the phone or on email without a personal encounter.

Supposing I can’t take more than a month at a time?

It doesn’t matter. Sabbaticals are often spread over a number of years due to work and family commitments.

What about off the beaten track trips?

As the name implies, laterallife specialises in these. Our website has sample sabbatical itineraries for you to review at

What happens if plans have to change at the last minute?

Flexibility is our key strength. We changed the departure of an 8 week sabbatical with only one week to go.

Can you provide testimonials?

Absolutely. We are happy to provide testimonials upon request. Alternatively see

Are my children too young?

Our youngest ever traveller was 6 months old at voyage outset and 18 months on his return and swimming like a fish.

Is it too early? I don’t want to waste your time.

It is never too early to dream or plan; we are already planning sabbaticals for up to 3 years ahead.

Is it too late?

Rarely; we have organised a 3 month sabbatical with only 4 weeks’ notice. We do prefer a little longer as accommodation and flight availability may be compromised and thus costs higher.

We like to meet each and every one of you to chat through all your travel ideas in order to gain a real feeling for what excites you and how best we are able to assist.


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