A Trip through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos

Following retirement we decided to have a 6 week trip to South America. Friends of ours introduced us to Nick Matthews.

We explained to Nick what we were looking for from the trip and he added to this his recommendations and the services Lateral Life could offer.

The result was our trip was organised with efficiency but also involved us at all times so that we ended up with the trip that we wanted. Prior to departure we received our travel pack and the attention to detail was impressive.

At every arrival and departure point we were met by their ground staff removing any worry about getting to and from airports, hotels or excursions.

The personal care and attention we received added greatly to the enjoyment of our trip.

It is when things go wrong that Lateral Life showed us how well chosen their agent connections were in the countries we visited.

At one of our destinations a volcano erupted and as a result all flights were cancelled.

Without any fuss, and to our relief, we found that our ground crew, instructed by Lateral Life, had arranged alternative transport and our trip carried on smoothly.

This was very important to us as we had a very tight schedule packed with adventures which we did not want to miss!!

We have recently being on a further successful trip organised by Nick Matthews and would highly recommend Lateral Life to you.

Yours sincerely,


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