Canadian Rockies Adventure

We were travelling to Canada to attend a nephew’s wedding on Vancouver Island and wanted to add in a two week trip across the Rockies prior to the wedding, so over to Jessica at Laterallife.

Having someone organising your trip who has spent lots of time in Canada, and even worked on the Rocky Mountaineer, is just fantastic.

She knew exactly where we should go and what we should do from her own experience. T

he arrangements were smooth, rock solid and worked like a dream.

Apart from knowing that all the arrangements are going to work, the advantage of working with Laterallife exemplified beautifully in two instances.

Laterallife had secured us a room at the Fairmont Lake Louise with a glorious view over the lake; upon informing my sister in law of this, she said “please don’t tell me you’re staying in the Fairmont Lake Louise!! I’ll scratch your eyes out!!” She had been organising their trip for after their son’s wedding and had been trying desperately to secure a room at the Fairmont for months, with no success.

Second, we were meeting our son and daughter in law in Vancouver and they were struggling to organise a car hire from central Vancouver to drop off in Calgary after the wedding. Simples – call Jessica. Sorted, cheaper rate, upgrade in car, booking on ferry across to Vancouver Island thrown in and a very impressed daughter in law; she’s not easily impressed.

Another excellent trip thanks to Laterallife.


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