Costa Rica, Christmas 2021 & New Year 2022

Nick, Nico and the Laterallife team pulled a rabbit out of the hat for us for our Christmas trip to Costa Rica. Like so many, after endless cancellations and scares we feared that Omicron was going to scupper the trip. As the plane took off from LA to San Jose I was beyond excited to be getting away and had studied the, as always comprehensive, Laterallife materials so had some idea what to expect. We greatly enjoyed Paquare Lodge tucked in the jungle in the middle of the country and best accessed by rafting in and out. Quintessential Costa Rica experience with zip lines, jungle walks, great food and quality of accommodation. The other absolute highlight was Playa Cativo in the Ossa Peninsular on the west side of the country. Paddle boarding with twenty dolphins and a turtle for company (and two of my daughters 😊) was an experience I will never forget. Throughout the whole trip Nick and the team were in very regular touch to make sure all was going smoothly and their advice on where to go and why was impeccable. Love the country and cannot wait to return.


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