Family Half term: Mighty Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Lake Malawi’s Likoma Island

We had a lovely holiday.

It is very cold now that we are home! Everyone loved Machaba.

We saw so many animals. We were lucky that a giraffe had been killed by a lion on the day we arrived so we watched the pride eat it over the next few days, followed by the flies and finally the vultures. Sounds disgusting but quite fascinating to witness! The pride had recently come together for the first time in a long time: 17 lions in total including 9 cubs, which the kids absolutely loved.

The camp was very comfortable and we were looked after very well by the friendly team.

We had a great guide, Kitso, who was very attentive.

The kids loved the pool and there was another family staying for most of the time we were there, which was great for the children. Kaya Mawa was amazing.

We loved our villa, right on the beach and a short hop across scorching sand to the lake. Lake Malawi was like having the biggest private pool imaginable right on your doorstep – crystal clear water, safe swimming and all the equipment we could want to enjoy it.

We swam, kayaked, paddleboarded and skimmed stones every day.

I could have watched the changing waterscape of the lake all week and walking back to our villa at night across the beach in stunningly bright moonlight will be a vivid memory for us all.

We are confirmed fans of Africa – it is under our skins now and I am already thinking about when and where to go next.

Thank you for the impeccable organisation, as always.

Everything ran like clockwork. Catch up soon.


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