Family holiday to India

The trip was truly the most amazing holiday we have ever had.

Just the right amount of touring and relaxing.

We didn’t mind moving around because there was so much to see.

The hotels were literally palaces and the best rooms and service you could ever wish for.

We couldn’t wait to see what the next hotel was like, so packing and unpacking was exciting rather than a chore.

Our guide, Shruti was knowledgeable friendly and discreet and we came back knowing more about Indian culture and history than we do about home.

Despite the divide between rich and poor, we found that the people were happy, proud and friendly and everyone had a purpose in their day, working hard at whatever they did.

We felt that although we were staying in complete luxury, we still touched on the real side of India.

Lateral Life did a fantastic job in ensuring that our stay was flawless.

We were expertly guided through our tour without worry and felt perfectly safe at all times.

Can’t wait until the next trip – our eyes have been opened.

Heather, Martin, Alfie (14) and Harry (9) – Thanks Nick. Talk soon.


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