Family Holiday to South Africa – Safari and Camps Bay/ Cape Town beach Adventure.

When we were introduced to Nick and the Laterallife team, I was sure that their offering was too good to be true.

However, in this instance it could not be further from the truth. My family and I have just returned from the holiday of a life time, which we can attribute in large measure to Latteralife.

With very specific dietary and accessibility requirements, we contacted Nick, in the hope that his team could deliver on at least some of our requirements. As it turns out, every requirement was not only met, but surpassed.

Every detail was considered and even those details my wife and I had not considered, were pre-empted by Laterallife ahead of our arrival. Nothing was too much trouble or out of reach and as we left for South Africa,

I asked myself who was more excited about our trip, Nick and the team, or us.

We now understand why! We simply could not recommend highly enough and look forward to be able to team up with Laterallife wherever possible


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