Honeymoon to Marvellous Mozambique

We have just gotten settled back in New York after a tremendous trip to Mozambique.

Suffice to say, every single detail was beautifully attended from shower taps all the way to private charters, often, it seemed, while we watched much fancier, tanner, better coiffed, Patek-Phillipe-clad-Euro-types gawk at our villas, seamless logistics and private candle-lit meals.

For a couple who isn’t used to this type of treatment, this was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The biggest highlight for us was Lugenda Wilderness Camp which was the reason we chose Mozambique.

Ibo Island was hauntingly beautiful with its violent past, beautiful architecture and peaceful people.

We found the food at the Lodge to be tremendous, along with Rob’s hospitality.

The island was full of children, all of whom had huge smiles.

Nick, thank you for organizing an amazing trip.

We have arrived back with the sense that even if we told everyone all the mind-blowing things we saw and experienced, they would never believe us anyway.


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