In search of the great wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania

Jutta and I had a wonderful safari in Kenya and Tanzania …. so much so, that we don’t think we could go on another one, for fear that it would never match up to all the experiences this time.

We managed to see all the animals, many times over, and memorably, 3 kills (a buffalo by hyenas which was horrible to witness; a gazelle by two cheetahs which at least was a quick death; and a zebra by two lions, similarly so); an escape (a wildebeest, caught by a crocodile, which managed to get away with ‘just’ a badly cut back, but otherwise OK); lions mating and hippos mating; and our shortest ever flight (just 4 minutes).

All the arrangements worked well, four wonderful camps, each with its own distinctive style, but with a consistently high standard of accommodation, knowledgeable game guides, good food and very friendly staff.

Many thanks Laura for all the planning and preparation.


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