India’s Rajasthan explored laterally

We returned from our Indian adventure on Friday evening.

In short, it was fantastic.

Thank you for all the hard work that went into making the journey so magical and special.

Overall, the quality of the hotels was superb.

In terms of the guides and the driver, they were all superb and provided us not only with commentary about the destinations we were visiting but also with an ability to get a better understanding of Rajasthani/Indian life and culture through open discussion about the society, politics, life, including the difficult issues like the caste system and poverty.

Our driver, Gurpreet Singh, deserves special mention because, not only did he drive without us having any fear from the chaos of the roads and the drivers, but he helped us understand our surroundings when the guides were not with us and he maintained a steady supply of treats we needed in the car—diet cokes, water, cold towels, chocolate and fruit.

We loved India. The smells, the colours, the noise, the history, the chaos, the scenery, the forts and palaces, the traditions—they’re all still fresh in our minds.

Some of the disparities are difficult to ignore—the poverty, the animals roaming endlessly in search of food, the hardship in getting around—but the people are resilient, proud and determined to succeed.

We capped our journey at our last stop in Udaipur with an invitation to a private cocktail at the palace with the Maharana.

It’s a long story! Suffice is to say that we have the picture with him and his family.

Again, thanks so much for all the arrangements, guidance, attention to detail, advice, and assistance.

This was a special journey with special memories!


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