We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our lovely holiday in Indonesia. We had a wonderful time and have lots of incredible memories. Borneo – amazing, and our boat was the best and we’d highly recommend it. So lovely to have air-conditioned cabins, the food was delicious, the crew and the guide were fantastic, and the orangutans were gorgeous. Komodo – stunning, blew us away. Plataran was great, they were doing building work but it wasn’t intrusive. The transfers are now by road not speedboat btw. Our 2 days on a speedboat were the perfect amount of time and our guide was brilliant. Rooms were great. Ubud- wow Capella! We loved it, the staff are completely amazing, learn everyone’s names and always so pleasant. Your local partner was just brilliant, she responded really quickly every time I contacted her and I don’t know what we’d have done without her in terms of the flight from Borneo to Bali. So that’s it I think. 10 flights was an awful lot for a 2.5 week trip, but we’re all so pleased that we finally got to go.


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