Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica. A trip of a lifetime?

Were we a bit bonkers taking our two girls, aged just four and seven, around Central America for 6 weeks? Nick persuaded me it would be a triumph and Steve ensured it was just that.

Steve’s care and attention in putting together a package that was carefully tailored to what we wanted was clearly born out of his passion for the Americas.

His detailed and enthusiastic descriptions of the best places to visit (often different to what the guide books recommend) got us excited but he then tested whether his initial recommendations would suit us by asking the right questions, getting to know us and really finding out what we were looking for.

He was patient when we changed our minds (more than once) and the end result was simply superb – a trip encompassing both fabulous hotels and camping in the rain forest, personal guided tours of the best Mayan sites, swimming down underground rivers, hiking up one volcano and looking into the permanent lava pool of another, a trip to a coffee farm, a chocolate making session, quests for sloths, howler monkeys, red-eyed tree frogs, spectacular butterflies and delicate humming birds, “fishing” for tarantulas, adventures into caves, zip-wiring, surfing in the Pacific, snorkelling in the Caribbean, trips across Lake Nicaragua and to the Panama canal, big planes, little planes and much more ……. and always with the promise of a swim for the kids and a cocktail for us at the end of the day.

We spent the first week persuading the kids that this was the trip of a lifetime.

By week two we’d changed our minds – you can’t have this much fun just once in a lifetime!


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