Remote Brazil and The Olympics

We really had a truly magnificent holiday in Brazil and we can’t thank you enough.

Your knowledge and local experience was invaluable and you created an amazing itinerary for our family.

More than anything, you gave us (and particularly me as the organiser) the confidence to do things that we would never have contemplated, nor been able to arrange, which have created very special and life-long memories.

We will never forget gathering for the magnificent sunsets on the sand dunes in Jericoacoara, watching the spectacular kite-surfing from hammocks on the porch of our beach cottages in Barra Grande and flying over the truly extraordinary Lencois Maranhenses national park.

We had a real adventure, plenty of rest and arrived in Rio feeling like we had experienced the true Brazil. And then to Rio which was a very different chapter.

We loved going to the Olympics and we saw some amazing sport. It was great to feel part of the event and there is no doubt that the Olympics lifts a city and a country.

We had heard so much negativity towards the event in the North and even when we arrived in Rio but after a couple of days you could see that the Brazilians were starting to really enjoy the spectacle and the world’s attention.

And, after all that, none of us even saw a mosquito the entire time we were in Brazil!

Thank you again, and muito obrigado to our guide Alessandro of course, for a wonderful holiday.


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