Sabbatical to Asia

Hi Nick, Thank you so much for organizing our amazing adventures.

Our sabbatical has been amazing throughout and we are so pleased that we asked you to organize it for us.

Had it not been for your input at the planning stage we would have missed some of the places that we enjoyed most – I had never heard of Ngapali beach for instance.

And you steered us away from one or two places that I had initially fancied but you knew I wouldn’t like such as Koh Samui.

One of your USPs is that you take the time to find out about your clients and their likes and dislikes so that you can tailor the trip to their specific needs. Every place that we have stayed has been just spot on.

One of our fellow passengers on the Jayavarman told us that he had asked another supposedly bespoke travel company for a suggested itinerary and they had done nothing more than provide a quote for the draft itinerary he had suggested with no value added. Our trip could not have run more smoothly which was a great achievement given the complexity of the itineraries.

I doubt that we could have organised all the transfers ourselves.

The detailed itinerary/illustrated travel book you provided once all the details had been sorted was extremely useful for reminding us where we should be when and also was a huge source of pleasure both as we anticipated our trip and as a reminder of where we had been.

The guides provided were without exception amazing. Knowledgeable efficient and personable.

As you know we were initially reluctant to have guides as we like doing our own thing. However, we would not have got half so much out of the experience had we not had the guides.

We were taken straight to where ever we needed to go in comfort and no fuss.

Nothing was too much trouble for any of them. We were met at each airport and whisked off to our accommodation.

Best of all was the greeting service at Colombo where we were taken through immigration separately before being offered refreshments in the VIP lounge.

Having travelled twice with Lateral Life we are now extremely spoiled and would find it difficult to travel any other way.

Thanks again and best wishes


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