Sabbatical to India & SE Asia

Mark and Adam asked us/laterallife to plan a “we like our creature comforts high end trip”.

After much discussion we decided to open their eyes with a first time journey through India, Bhutan, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I thought I might delete the first paragraph but decided it read better as a direct quote!!

Holidays get expensive when you demand a living room with every single room for 3 months combined with mandatory front of the plane seats everywhere!!

You can see the trip under our Sabbatical examples. This is what Mark and Adam thought about us!! Nick Matthews.

“Lateral Life is not a cheap and cheerful outfit – it’s what I’d call reassuringly expensive.

And I’m delighted to say that with Nick and the team you get what you pay for.

The planning process is first rate – they can take a brief; tailor a package to your exact needs; push you a little bit to do things – or at least think about doing things – you hadn’t considered. In short, they are exactly what we wanted from our travel experts.

Our trip took us from the southern tip of India, north through Rajasthan and Delhi to beautiful Bhutan (a must!) and then a loop through Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma (another must!).

All the travel logistics (twenty six flights and countless road journeys through some challenging territory) worked very well and the hotels and other venues were exactly what we asked for. On the odd occasion that we encountered a problem – and on a big trip there will ALWAYS be problems – the team in London and on the ground were first class.

Their fixer in India was like a heat-seeking missile! A crucial parting thought about the planning process.

The key to success is to be crystal clear about exactly what you want – and to be prepared to take Lateral advice.

The only time we encountered hiccups during a massive three month, eight country, 92-day adventure was when we hadn’t been clear with Nick’s team about our expectations (I always need to fly at the front of the plane – partly because I suffer from claustrophobia and partly because I’m a ‘turn left’ snob – but forgot to mention this!!) or where we hadn’t properly taken on board Nick’s advice (we went a bit too five star and should have taken Nick’s advice to variegate our journey between gold plated and adventurous).

So we’d have absolutely no hesitation in giving Nick and his team a very Lateral endorsement – they’re terrific at what they do, and they’re also thoroughly decent and likeable people.”


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