Sabbatical to the Americas: Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos and California

Just a short note to say thank you so much and we had a great time.

The real hero of this trip was you and the Lateral Life team.

Your guidance and recommendations were simply fantastic; I lost count of how many times Jo and I said ‘how did they know about this’ or ’they’ve really thought about this bit… this really works’.

You listened to us and then used your deep experience and expertise to transform our trip, with so many touches, small and large.

Paracas, Mancora, Maras, Zuleta (omg Zuleta… I’m looking at some their extraordinary embroidery on my wall now) and Sacha Lodge we would never have found ourselves; I am pretty sure that without your help we would have chosen poorly at Macchu Picchu, Lima and Napa. And on the couple of occasions when the wheels might have fallen off … they didn’t because you and your local reps on the ground were fabulous.

So many little add-ons stick in my mind – the books you sent the kids beforehand that really gave them insights into where we going and got them excited about the trip, the rafting in the Sacred Valley, the villages we visited in the Ecuador jungle, the sailing in San Fran harbour – these were details that just elevated so many of our days. So…. thank you to you. We’ll never forget this trip.

I’m sure it was a lot of hard work, but the entire family aged from 7 to 47 really loved our time away.

We can’t wait to go again.


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