Sabbatical Trip – Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, India

By a stroke of good fortune, the laterallife brochure crossed my desk just at the moment I was contemplating taking my sabbatical.

What followed was nine months of planning with Nick and Steve and the team during which we debated itineraries and options – changing our minds a lot – until settling on the final agenda.

They could not have been more helpful and responsive to every single query and suggestion that we made, no matter how potentially ‘out there’ they were.

Their insightfulness added a different dimension and meant the whole planning process became part of the experience.

What followed was the most amazing trip – Africa for six weeks and for the same.

We were sometimes on the beaten track but more often off it as a result of laterallife’s input; experiencing things from a different perspective.

The logistics worked like clockwork, every transfer went smoothly (and there were many!), which removed any stress from the travels. I could not recommend them more highly.”


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