Sabbatical Trip, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador/Galapagos, Brazil

Laterallife ruined our lives… Before we met Nick and Steve – we were very happy with our holidays.

We went to lots of different places and whilst they were sometimes a bit patchy we always got by and enjoyed ourselves – and then there was the day the Lateral Life flyer arrived.

Now we had never heard of Lateral Life or met Nick or Steve or anyone who had used them – but as we were planning a sabbatical we thought nothing ventured nothing gained… this was our first mistake. I met Nick about a month later (as he was having a dry January and wanted to share a bottle of wine when we met) in a wine bar where we chatted about life in general for a few hours over a few bottles.

There was no hard sell or really much talk about holidays/sabbaticals – just the two of us having a chinwag as if we had known each other for 20 years.

Anyway one thing led to another and we met several more times over lunch where we discussed our objectives (should we go east to New Zealand via the Far East or west to South America etc.).

Nick was great at pointing out things that would have never occurred to me and exciting me with references to places I didn’t really know existed.

Over a period of 4/5 months we developed a rough plan and then Steve appeared and put flesh on the bones by producing off his own bat a fully fleshed out 8 week itinerary for South America covering all the bases I wanted to tick off (Buenos Aires, Iguaçu falls, Galapagos, Machu Picchu, Atacama desert, Patagonia, Rio Carnival – you name it we did it).

We fleshed this out over the next month refining it to take out things we didn’t want and add things in we did – immensely helped by Nick and Steve’s suggestions – nothing was too much trouble for them they were happy to refine the plan for as long as it took to get it precisely how we wanted.

The trip itself was everything it said on the tin – it went smoothly, we were always met at airports and escorted the whole way .

When there were changes to flights Steve had already anticipated it and emailed us with revised details – they don’t stop working on your behalf and checking up on how you are doing until you land back in the UK. They even offered to book restaurants for us when we were away.

In short a personalised cheerful bespoke service that delivered everything it promised. Trouble is – our life is ruined as we will never feel satisfied with our usual holidays again If Lateral Life contact you be afraid … be very afraid.

Thanks Nick and Steve – you gave us the holiday of a lifetime. Cheers


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