South America, Java, Borneo, Bali

In 2014 my family and I travelled through South America for 9 weeks whilst on sabbatical with laterallife.

Such was its success that our proposed 2015 summer villa holiday was replaced by an overland trip in Brazil from Salvador/Bahia to the beaches of Trancoso.

The family were again delighted with this unique travel experience. 2016 – we have just returned from a fascinating and varied holiday through Indonesia including a boat trip to see the Komodo Dragons, a river boat trip in Borneo to see the Orangutans, culture in Java and fun in Bali.

Another supremely well thought out and executed “experiential” trip.

Our family have truly valued the laterallife service and its different approach to holidays.

They come highly recommended and it is well worth giving them a call.

Now looking forward to 2017, wherever they may be sending us!


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