Trip to Ecuador & Galapagos

We got home around 8.00 pm this evening after sitting in traffic on cold wet dark M4 from Heathrow all feeling a bit depressed to be back. Ecuador is so beautiful it’s hard to readjust one’s sights to a wintry urban environment!

The trip was absolutely fantastic – we all had a great time and truly loved the adventuring – and it does feel quite adventurous when you’re lurching backwards and forwards on that boat heading out to Genovesa overnight and then find yourself plunging into the depths of the crater along with the hammerhead sharks!!

The kids loved all the snorkelling including the deep-water stuff – they were up for all of it, the more adventurous the better as far as they were concerned.

Our guide on the boat was great on the marine life and volcanic surroundings but not so good on the Darwinian theory of evolution (in fact he didn’t mention it at all!).

The guides at Sacha Lodge were fantastic though, really really good and delightful people to be with as well – what an amazing environment that is.

We were so entranced by toucans etc. that we even managed the canopy tree walk, terrifying though that was…! A

ll in all a huge success, Casa Gangotena was fantastic and the staff could not have been more helpful.

We changed one tour from a full day to a half day as we had to leave at 3.00 pm yesterday to check in and secure our seats which for some reason could not be done online – also we changed the tour a bit so that instead of doing all the churches we got them to take us out to the Middle of the World site on the equator, which the kids really enjoyed.

We had had enough time the previous afternoon to walk around the old town so we had already seen the main square and the golden church (which was probably enough baroque to last any of us for a while!). Our guide on that tour, Giovanni, was really good and very nice as well.

So thank you so much for organising such a great trip, we all had a lovely time and are just so depressed to be back!

Next we want to go to Machu Picchu, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Patagonia…


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