USA Sabbatical – Louisiana, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California

From start to finish, we have been enormously impressed by your expertise and dedication to ensuring we have the best time away for my 2018 sabbatical.

You patiently worked with us as we changed ideas, tacks and destinations with an insight as to what we “really” wanted to achieve (even though we didn’t know what that was ourselves)!

You did this in a seamless way we don’t think any other travel company would be able to. It is fair to say that given we were going to the States (and a bit of Mexico) and following a pretty well-trodden path we were initially a bit sceptical about how much value you would be able to add in comparison to organising it ourselves.

Without hesitation we can honestly say that even if we had spent months of our own time sorting an itinerary out, we still would have ended up getting things badly wrong and not achieving nearly as much. Instead, with you, we ended up with a truly bespoke holiday that was perfect for the 5 weeks we were away – just the right blend of activities suitable for the whole family (many of which we would never even have thought of), a mix of super-lux and more “authentic” properties to stay in and the best routing for the road trip element to make the most of our time.

Within this, you also programmed just the right amount of rest time in the best locations/hotel for our budget.

This would only have been possible with a really in depth knowledge of Louisiana, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California which you clearly displayed!

All in all we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and look forward to seeing what trips you might be able to organise for us in the future!


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