Zanzibar & Fundu Lagoon, Tanzania, February 2024

Now back in cold Blighty and sun tan fading rapidly!  A note to thank you for ‘the trip’. The brief was for chilling and Zanzibar over delivered.  Stone Town is a fascinating place that we loved, steeped in history and a real melting pot. The guided tour we had with Yousef was inspired.  The Serena Hotel in Stone Town worked very well at both ends of the trip.  Fundu was fabulous. What a great story its genesis and development is. Great vision and huge amount of creative effort in its creation.  Hannes the GM couldn’t have been more accommodating and the upgrade to a beachfront suite was appreciated.  Staff, food all bang on. We did a great tour of the 3 villages and the school with the Fundu restaurant manager: it was an edifying experience.  Snorkelling etc all great.  So, many many thanks for  a great trip.


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