Time to start planning a break

Because I’ve always wanted to…

Issue 51 / December 2021

Merry Christmas all –

Here’s looking forward to a very welcome seasonal break with 2022 being a spectacularly vast improvement on 2021 travel wise!!

I’m excited to announce that Laterallife has a new website.

At last, something positive from all that time when no-one could travel anywhere – the laterallife team have been busy behind the scenes working on our new website. I’m delighted to say that this has gone live today and please do take a look around it when you yearn for some cheering up from all this gloomy winter weather: laterallife.com

Time to start planning a break?

It’s natural at this time of year to start thinking about where you can go next year. Unlike 2021, you now have a large part of the world to choose from. As you’ll be aware, the dreaded red list has mostly gone, but that doesn’t mean that other countries have opened up fully yet. There are plenty of countries who are currently welcoming visitors from the UK and I’d like to highlight a few in particular where we have been sending or are about to send our travellers.  These include Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Mexico and finally, following in James Bond’s footsteps to Matera, Italy. If you click on each of these, you can see some of the trips which we have recently planned.

With all our best wishes,
The Lateral Team


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