Papua New Guinea

The inaccessibility of the mountainous island of New Guinea, has allowed tribal culture to thrive undisturbed by the modern world, making it the most mysterious and culturally authentic in the world and irresistible to adventurous travellers.

Papua New Guinea is perhaps the last true wilderness with communities that have no contact with the outside world and have only recently discovered their neighbouring tribes. Even the capital, Port Moresby, is isolated from other towns with no connecting roads.

The country itself is wild and untamed with a mountainous interior often enveloped in a chilly mist and swamp and limestone coastline with unbearable heat

Part of the country is situated on the Eastern coast of the world’s second largest island, New Guinea, and then stretches to jungle lowlands and dozens of islands out to the Pacific.

In addition to its cultural aspect, Papua New Guinea is home to some of the world’s best dive sties, kayak journeys in the fjords, waterfalls and the biggest butterfly collection in the world.

The country stretches across half of the mountainous island of New Guinea, which it shares with Indonesia, incorporating jungle lowlands and dozens of smaller islands.


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