Early explorers thought they had found paradise on earth when they came across these islands, and today’s travellers are no less entranced by the volcanic mountain peaks clothed in tropical vegetation, and encased by coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Tahiti is the stuff of legends and Gauguin paintings, and with good reason. the island’s scenery is second to none: spiked volcanic mountains blanketed with lush jungle, deep valleys, and pristine black-sand beaches melting into aquamarine ocean. But R&R is not all Tahiti has to offer – leisure activities on offer include taking a 4×4 safari into the island’s mountainous interior, world-class surfing at Teahupo’o and Tahiti Iti, and exploring the ancient archaeological sites at Huahine.

And for those looking for entertainment, the island’s capital, Papa’ete, has a vibrant waterfront area and a lively nightlife. The most festive time of the year is during the Heiva festival in July, which is celebrated with drumming, dancing and widespread exuberance.

While Tahiti may not have an abundance of white-sand beaches, it does have stunning mountains flowing with rivers and waterfalls, peaceful blue lagoons and beautiful black-sand beaches. It is at the heart of the French Polynesian archipelago with a potent mix of all the cultures of these many islands.

Outside Papa’ete you can enjoy fabulous diving in clear waters, watch whales and dolphins off the coast or take a 4WD tour amongst the peaks and rivers of the interior or explore some remarkable archaeological sites. If you’re combining Tahiti with other islands in the 5 idyllic archipelagos that make up French Polynesia, nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking scenery of the islands’ towering volcanic peaks, rugged cliffs, emerald lagoons and stunning palm-fringed beaches.

Despite being heavily influenced by French culture, the region has managed to retain its own colourful and distinctive culture through its traditional food, music, and local handicrafts. Divers and snorkelers can marvel at the area’s extraordinary range of marine life, while hikers explore the islands’ lush jungle-clad volcanic mountains. History enthusiasts are equally well sated with numerous archaeological sites revealing traces from its Pre-European past. With all of this remarkable scenery, diverse marine life and fascinating culture on offer, it is no wonder that French Polynesia has become one of the Pacific’s most exclusive and popular destinations.

Tahiti and 118 attendant islands and atolls make up the captivating, tropical country of French Polynesia, a French overseas territory that is spread across an area of the South Pacific that is as big as western Europe.


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