Atlas Mountains and camel at sunset, Morocco

North Africa

Experience that is infinitely rewarding and exciting.

North Africa, as a region is very different from the countries to the South. The people and culture are Arabic, the food is different, and Islam is the dominant religion. Many organizations now group North Africa and the Middle East together as MENA (Middle East North Africa) because North Africa has much more in common with countries like Syria or Jordan than countries like Mali or Ivory Coast.

North Africa, the cradle of ancient civilisations, stretches between the sandy beaches and bustling towns facing the Mediterranean in the North and the vast and beautiful emptiness of the Sahara desert in the South.

Where we go

Absorb the mystical history of ancient Egypt, test your haggling skills in Marrakesh’s Medina, trek out into the Atlas mountains for wild views and marvel at the impressive ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa in the small village of El Jem, a huge 3rd-century amphitheatre illustrating the grandeur and extent of Imperial Rome.

North Africa is traditionally said to be made up of eight countries: Egypt and Sudan, through Libya, Tunisia and Algeria to Morocco, Western Sahara and Mali in the west. Historically, it was made up of the areas of the Maghreb in the west and the Nile Valley, that have been ruled and fought over by Phoenicians, Egyptians, Romans, Islamic Caliphates, Ottoman Sultans, and French and Spanish colonists. We check out the 12 most incredible, fascinating historical destination in this unique corner of the world.


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