Very few have ventured onto this appealingly inaccessible continent, but those who have rave about the privilege of gazing upon towering mountains, bulky glaciers and luminous, dreamlike icebergs.

Antarctica is unlike any other place on earth. A landscape made up of snow, rock and ice. Its stark beauty will take your breath away and will undoubtedly fill up the memory on your camera.

Huge icebergs that gleam like marble, soaring mountain ranges and the vast emptiness of the polar plateaus will leave you open-mouthed. Surprisingly, the most remote and harshest continent on the planet abounds with wildlife.

Antarctica is an ideal place for whale-watching, with over 8 different species found in its waters, including the largest of them all, the Blue Whale.

In addition, there is the chance to get up close to a variety of different types of seals and penguins. For the keen ornithologist, Antarctica’s birds (such as the pestrel and albatross) are impressive in size, habit and adaptations.

The scenery of Antarctica is both one of a kind and awe inspiring. Whether it’s entering the hidden natural harbour of Deception Island through the sea breached wall of a volcanic crater, or cruising in between the imposing icebergs of Paradise Harbour, the landscape will never fail to impress.

The extreme frigidity and ferocious winds, as well as its isolation at the bottom of the world, combine to make Antarctica one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.


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