The Republic of the Congo offers vibrant African life in Brazzaville and magnificent wilderness: the Odzala-Kokoua National Park is one of the largest in Africa and revered for its conservation of forest elephants and the western gorilla.

The Republic of Congo (also known as simply ‘Congo’) is often confused with its larger and more notorious neighbour on the other side of the Congo River, the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, those adventurous enough to venture into this smaller, more peaceful and lesser-known country, are rewarded with magnificent scenery complete with lush rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, hidden lagoons, and towering volcanic mountains.



This wilderness contains a profusion of fascinating wildlife including over half of the world’s lowland gorilla population, large herds of forest elephants, and swinging troops of chimpanzees.

The Congo’s dense forests are also home to several indigenous tribes, which have managed to retain their traditional way of life, almost entirely uninfluenced by Western civilisation. Must-see attractions include the Parc National Nouabalé-Ndoki and Parc National d’Odzala, two of the most pristine forest reserves on the African continent.

Set on the banks of the mighty Congo River, overlooking the sprawling metropolis of Kinshasa across the river in the DRC, Brazzaville is a classic central African city serving as the capital of the Republic of Congo. Brazzaville is by far the prettier and more appealing of these two neighbouring cities, with a thriving arts scene, great restaurants, vibrant nightlife, a fascinating colonial heritage, and some fabulously friendly locals.

Visitors can look forward to relaxing on the city’s attractive riverside embankment and exploring a number of colourful marketplaces including a lovely candlelit night market. Must-see sights include an interesting national museum; the municipal gardens; the house constructed for Joseph Marie de Gaulle when the city served as the capital of Free France; and the Basilica of St Anne, one of the world’s most beautiful modern churches.

The Republic of the Congo offers the same magnificent wilderness and mighty river. But there’s less political instability.


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