West African dances

West Africa

Give into the seductive drumbeats, whirling dances and bright smiles of one of Africa’s least explored regions.

West Africa has cachet and soul. Home to stunning landscapes and inhabited by an astonishing diversity of peoples, this is the perfect destination to explore the expanse of rich culture and deep tradition found on this beautiful continent.

Where we go

From the Sahara to tropical rainforests, from volcanic outcrops to stony depressions in the desert’s heart, West Africa is an extraordinary sweep of iconic African terrain. There are many West African views that will define your journey: an oasis-like clearing in the heart of a rainforest; stirring sand dunes sculpted to perfection by the wind; a gloriously deserted arc of sand along a gloriously deserted coastline; and improbably shaped rocky outcrops in the heart of the Sahel. And through it all runs one of Africa’s longest rivers, the Niger.

The diversity of people who inhabit West Africa is one of the region’s most beguiling characteristics. The sheer number of communities who call the region home will take your breath away. Drawing in a little nearer, you’ll discover that traditions have survived colonial atrocities in West Africa like nowhere else on the continent, revealing themselves in fabulous festivals, irresistible music and the mysterious world of masks and secret societies. These are peoples whose histories are epic and whose daily struggles are similarly so. West Africa is in-your-face, full-volume Lagos or the quiet solitude of an indigo-clad nomad – not to mention everything in between.

West Africa’s musical tradition is one of extraordinary depth and richness. Youssou N’Dour, Tinariwen and other musicians may have been ‘discovered’ in recent decades, but the region’s music is so much more than mere performance. The griots of ancient African empires – Mali’s master kora player Toumani Diabaté is a 71st-generation griot – bestowed upon West Africa’s musicians the gift of storytelling as much as the power to entertain. They do both exceptionally well and their ability to make you dance or learn something new about the region may just rank among your most memorable travel experiences.

You wouldn’t come to West Africa looking for an East African–style safari, but there’s more to West Africa’s wildlife than initially meets the eye if you know where to look, including elephants, primates, big cats, pygmy hippos and some of the world’s best birdwatching. And unlike East or Southern Africa, you’re likely to have whatever you find all to yourself.


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